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What's next?

You have the idea, but you don't know how to write it down.            Then don't wrote it down, act upon your idea. You act upon your idea, but society rejects it.            Then don't bother with what society thinks. But that's the thing isn't it, you want to share your beautiful idea, but no one would listen. In the end, you sit alone in silence, thinking you were never good enough to be heard.
Everyone should give everyone a chance to speak, you may be surprise with what they have to say.

Imagination Creates Reality


Transforming our Fear

Ever wonder why it’s very hard for one to go forward? Everyone wants to achieve their goals, everyone wants to succeed – everyone wants a happy ending. But why is it so hard to achieve something? Why do we always seem to find ourselves thinking it’s impossible to win?

At times when the issue gets difficult, we turn our backs, thinking the journey is simply impossible. We become afraid and retreat. Why? There would be a solid answer.
Every time I’m set on a journey, ‘fear’ tends to invade me. I let fear conquer me; hence I tend to fail achieving certain thing. Fear of being rejectedFear of failingFear of starting something newFear of letting go certain thingsFear of being alone
Everyone has fear, no matter how brave the person may seem – everyone is a little scared. It’s okay to feel a bit scared. Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger – if we don’t feel it, we won’t protect ourselves from any sorts of threat. We face our fear and learn to overcome it, and when we d…