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You Stay too?

My lollipop - my sweet candy,
Closer. I want you closer to me.
It's not a love song - no sappy love song,
Reality. It's never what you see on screen.I know that I'm different,
I know that I am not what you need.
I try to be perfect,
Yet again I try to please you,
You refuse to glimpse.It's been far too long,
More then a year,
A constant question,
"Do I still want you dear"We had our moments
And now that's over
You're gone while I'm stuck here.I knew I was just stupid - naive little child.
Thought this was a movie - Leaned in for a kiss.Maybe. Perhaps.
We could be perfect.
Perhaps. MaybeI want you to look at me like how you look at her,
And I want you to know that I'll be here for you.I will stay, but will you?

Who Am I?

I am afraid to be alone, and I don't know why.
All night I tried to be myself, but I couldn't tell how.
I don't know when this all began, "acts" piled up and fake commends.
I want it all over.
Throughout the years I've been so blind, but now it's clear.The sad truth is,
I've got nothing to lose, and nobody cares what do I do.
But if I don't do anything, I know that I'll be on my knees.
Breathing like rats, instead of bleeding out my regrets.So I'm begging please, I don't want to lie anymore.
Not him nor to her. And not to me.